Projects in publishing, documentaries and multimedia productions

Ultimately Human (2023)

Ultimately Human (2023) is a documentary on American artist Ross Rossin. The film explores Rossin’s creative process, discusses his body of work and offers an insiders view into his life. Produced by Hagan Arts, Inc. for US markets and ZMI Films for international markets. Documentary will premier in 2023.

Ross R. Rossin (born 1964) is an American painter and sculptor.  He is best known for his large-scale hyper-realistic oil on canvas portraits of both contemporary and historical figures. His paintings can be found in various museums, private collections and institutions around the world. 

The documentary is produced and written by Chad Hagan for Hagan Arts and ZMI Films. Visit the film page at IMDb.

Doris Derby: A Civil Rights Journey (2021)

Hagan Arts provided financial support for this project, with John F. Dilworth (Atlanta). The publication was was edited and compiled by Hannah Collins and Gregory Harris.

A Civil Rights Journey presents the astonishing archive of Dr Doris Derby: photographer, activist, and professor of anthropology. Active throughout the Civil Rights Movements of the mid twentieth century in the southern United States, particularly Mississippi, Derby acted as a photographer, organiser and teacher, making photographs of the intimate and human side of the everyday struggle for survival and human rights. She photographed both the organisation of political events, meetings, and funerals, alongside the literacy, co-operative and community theatre programmes, many of which she founded, and encountered much danger and tragedy along the way. Mack Books