Archives – Philip Morsberger at MOCA GA (Nov, 19 2010)

The artist’s statement read:

Color, color, color!
Color as music,
Color as narrative,
Color as prayer,
And yes…color as laughter!

Based on the statement, I am sure you can gather that there was quite a bit of color. In fact, there was so much color and organized disarray that it was more like a big acid test without the light projectors. Clearly noticeable from the front door, I went past the first exhibit, swiveling around to catch a quick glimpse, and then made my way over to the back room where Philip Morsberger’s exhibit is on display.

Philip Morsberger

Eleven large paintings are scattered throughout the room, all the same size. Attractive and energetic, each canvas was overflowing with colorful brush strokes.

Every painting was of a man’s face, with different colors and titles accompanying it. It was the same face in every portrait; the only difference was the color, or the mood he was in. I spoke briefly with Win Roefs, a gallery owner in Columbia, South Carolina, who sells much of Morsberger’s work, and he talked about the artist’s energetic properties and the vibrant brush strokes used in his work, all of which are undeniably his own. Roefs referred to Morsberger as an abstract expressionist whose body of work, though varied, remains singular and cohesive.Morsberger  has created a bridge between artist and patron.

Through these paintings, Morsberger is letting the viewer know how he was feeling. His paintings  are autobiographical in every sense.

The exhibition, “Within State Lines II,” is on display at The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia until January 8th. Other artists in the show include: Jennifer Onofrio Fornes, Stefanie Jackson, Marcus Kenney, and Kwan Young Lee.

75 Bennett Street
Atlanta, GA 30309

Chadwick Hagan is a writer in Atlanta.

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